The Cloud HR Database

WaypointHR is a fully managed cloud-hosted HR database platform

Store your employee information in a secure managed database, accessible from your web browser. No software to install or maintain.

We manage the servers, the databases and the software. We take care of regular backups and network security.

Employee information

  • Personal details, with support for international name formats (such as family name first) and alternate script.
  • Contact addresses and telephone numbers
  • Personal details (including date and place of birth, nationality and citizenship, gender)
  • Record gender, marital status and disability information to support analytics and reporting.

Flexible organisation structure

  • Group your employees into collections of nested or simple lists
  • Create as many collections as you need
  • Useful for creating regions, department structures etc.
  • Employees can be in as many collections as required

Employment records

  • Terms and conditions of employment (including employment type, hours per week, notice period, FTE)
  • Job title/role information
  • Full history of changes, including the effective from/to dates for each change
  • Record termination of employment details, including notice date, employment end date, reasons for termination and whether future rehiring should be considered.


  • Disciplinary records, including action log and recording of outcome.
  • Keep records of disciplinary sanctions, including date applied and duration.
  • Monitor disciplinary appeals, including key dates, notes and outcome.