Cloud-hosted and Open-source HR Systems

Cloud-hosted online HR

WaypointHR is available as cloud-hosted online software. Store your key employee records in a secure managed database and access from your web browser. No software to install or maintain.

Still using spreadsheets to manage your personnel records? We’d like to suggest an upgrade!

Open-source HR database

If you want to run an in-house HR database and you have your own application and database servers, WaypointHR Open Source could be a great starting point for you. Based on PHP and MySQL.

You’re responsible for ensuring the application is secure and backed up, but you have the flexibility to modify the software if you wish.

WaypointHR is designed by people with a background in personnel management. We’ve lived with spreadsheets and applications that are slow and awkward.

We wanted to build an HRIS tool that was easy to use, with the robust architecture that HR software demands.

The Open Source version is available free of charge to run on your own servers. The Cloud-hosted version is fully managed – we take care of making sure the data is regularly backed up and that it’s always available. The Cloud-hosted version is our most up to date software.



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